Unparted Sea

by Matt Glaz

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Anybody seen my Valentine there across the sea?
My cut-out heart turned into art and tucked away by me
Is it broken; is it lost—my love’s delivery?
Will my Valentine return to me?
Did they find my Valentine? Can someone check and see?
Will my Valentine, will my Valentine be returned to me?

Anybody seen my Valentine here where thoughts run free?
The pen is stroked, rights invoked—what will be will be
But what is penned in, what is signed, may alter destiny
Will my Valentine still speak for me?
Things insured may yet unveil how fragile they can be
Where’s my Valentine, where’s my Valentine’s first-class guarantee?

What if these pages truly turn the tides, but in their wake we find
That every message we might send decides just what we leave behind?
What if I know where these waters flow, but no place I go and no one I show
Can help me any longer?
What else can I do but pray to some unparted sea:
May my Valentine, may my Valentine be handled carefully?

I’m at loss; I’m at the whim of these distant powers that be
Will my Valentine, will my Valentine be returned to me?
Do I believe love will reveal the chink in the fortress wall?
Do I believe love bound by lead and ink is really love at all?
Do I believe? What do I believe? For what do I grieve? For what can I leave
This place when nothing’s holy?
What is broken, what is lost may not mend easily
Will my Valentine, will my Valentine be worth all this to me?
What is worth all this to me?

What is broken, what is lost—may it fade from memory
Farewell, Valentine, may that gentle brine yet yield a home for thee
For the shores long to be free
As that old, unparted sea


released February 14, 2017




Matt Glaz Chicago, Illinois

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